Flash Test

010414bWe had a few minutes to spare before bedtime tonight and we were just chilling on the couch. I was looking up information about flash diffusers (specifically the Gary Fong Collapsible Lightsphere), then came upon an article by Neil van Niekerk on being aware of the direction your light source is coming from.

So seeing as kiddo was in good spirits, I thought I’d take the opportunity to experiment with the new 600EX-RT Speedlite. And the wall next to the couch.

The above photo was the final shot, using the 50mm 1.4 at ISO 250, f/2.8, and 1/200 shutter speed. I turned down the power to 1/16 and bounced the light off the wall behind me on my right (45 degrees vertically, spun around to 120 degrees). Other than the ceiling, the wall behind me was the only available wall nearby.

For a complete flash newbie, I was quite happy with how tonight’s mini experiment turned out.

I still have much to learn.


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